1. February 19, 2020

    Ecofan to Spin for 6 More Weeks at Least

    Despite what the Groundhog Says, Keep Your Ecofan Ready If you’re a fan of Ecofan, you likely know that we manufacture our fans in beautiful Wiarton, Ontario, on the sunny shores of Georgian Bay. Wiarton maybe a small town, but every…
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  2. December 20, 2019

    We're Older Than "Hygge"

    And we’ll be here when this trend dies. How do you make your holiday season cozier? Not with hygge, as you’ve no doubt become accustomed to hearing. This holiday season, “hygge” is being used to sell you everything from wool…
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  3. December 06, 2019

    Wood Stove on a School Bus? Yup!

    36 weeks. That’s how much time has passed since Priscilla and Robbie first laid eyes on their yellow school bus and posted their first picture on Instagram. Since then, the couple behind
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  4. November 15, 2019

    Ecofans take you from cold to cozy faster

    Anyone who heats with wood knows it takes a long time before you start to feel warm. You’ve got a nice fire going and your stove is getting hot, but you’re still shivering. The problem is that wood stoves don’t circulate heat very…
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  5. November 13, 2019

    New wood stove fan offers superior performance in a contemporary design

    AirDeco adds a modern flare to your wood stove  Looking for something a little more modern in a wood stove fan? If you’re the kind of person that arranges a room to give your stove the prominent display it deserves, Ecofan…
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  6. November 01, 2019

    How to Show Your Wood Stove Love

    If you have a wood stove, you probably like it a lot. But do you love it? More importantly, does your wood stove know you love it? It’s an important part of your homestead that keeps you and your family living a cozy life all winter long, so…
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  7. September 09, 2019

    Burn Less Wood and Save Money

    A Heat Powered Stove Fan is a Great Way to Lessen Your Heating Costs in Winter ... Wood stoves are popular all over the world, and with good reason…after all, there’s nothing like a crackling fire on a cold winter’s day.…
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  8. May 23, 2019

    7 Tips to Split Wood without Throwing your Back Out

    How to chop wood and not hurt your back Ask anyone that uses a woodstove or fireplace at their home, cottage, cabin, or chalet, and they’ll tell you: splitting wood for a fire is a full body workout. It is especially physically…
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