Why Ecofan?

Why having an original Caframo Ecofan matters...

As the very first heat powered stove fans, the original Caframo Ecofans are proudly invented and manufactured by Canadians. We were the first to develop an innovative solution to enhance warmth and comfort delivered from the wood stove without the use of electricity or batteries.

The original Ecofan since 1994

Like many world-leading brands, Ecofan’s success has led to imitation products. As the only manufacturer of genuine Ecofan models, Caframo has maintained its standard of excellence for over 25 years. Since the original Ecofan’s debut, Caframo has introduced several new Ecofan models including the low-temperature BelAir Model 806, patented UltrAir 810, and AirMax 812, all of which have garnered a demand throughout North America, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Japan.

Whether you use a wood stove leisurely or as a primary heat source, here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience by using Ecofan:

  • Circulate warm air throughout the house 38% faster, enhancing heat distribution and minimizing cold corners.
  • Save up to 18% on fuel costs from maximized wood burning efficiency. Read the complete study here.
  • Reduce environmental footprint with fewer particulate and carbon emissions

Vesta Award 2019

We have been awarded two Vesta Awards from Hearth & Home magazine - one in 2007 for the low-temperature BelAir model, and most recently in 2019 for the 8200 Series which will be available in the Fall of 2019.

With your comfort and well-being in mind, trust none other than a genuine Ecofan.

Vesta Award 2019


Every Ecofan is designed with purpose and built to last. Products are manufactured at our Canadian facility using quality parts to guarantee product performance.


Not all wood stove fans are created equal. Not only is Ecofan proven to reduce fuel usage by up to 18%, but it also circulates heat up to 38% faster! An Ecofan AirMax Model 812 delivers up to 175 cubic feet per minute. 

Blade Design

Research and testing have shown that two well-designed blades can circulate more air than 3 or 4-bladed fans at these speeds. Our fan blades are designed to be finger-safe, making a guard unnecessary, and operate at a safe RPM – another critical factor in product safety

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