The Ecofan Story

Canadian Winter Scene
Ecofan - the original heat powered stove fan - was developed in the Bruce Peninsula, an area in Ontario, Canada. Canadians understand a cold winter, but the Bruce Peninsula can be particularly brutal. As such, a wood stove can make all the difference on those days when the cold sinks into your bones and you just can’t get rid of the chill. Getting the heat from a wood stove to circulate faster, and stretching the life of your wood pile make the Ecofan an invaluable addition in living your best winter life.

Making the warmth from a wood stove even better

Warm in front of the fire.

Wood stoves offer a warmth different from any other. Maybe it’s the treasured fire burning before our eyes, its value inherent in our being since our earliest ancestors. The only issue is, heat collects around the stove and takes ages to distribute throughout the room. It’s sad to think that people just used to accept this, right?

The solution to wood stove woes, Ecofans are designed to rid you of cold corners and circulate heat to keep you and your loved ones warm. Crafted with Canadian quality and innovation, the original Ecofan was developed locally in the South Bruce Peninsula. Since pioneering the concept of thermoelectric stove fans in 1994, Caframo has upheld its position as a market leader in hearth accessories.

Proudly Canadian
Not Electricity
2 Year Warranty
The genuine Caframo Ecofan is the very first heat powered stove fan to market, proudly manufactured on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Adding an Ecofan to your home allows you to enjoy the warmth of your stove sooner, increasing the comfort of your home. We know, because we have been manufacturing them for 25 years.
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